Thank you everyone who took the time to read my last post and for the amazingly supportive responses I’ve received. It means more than you can imagine.
I’ve switched over my Twitter and Instagram account names, so if you’re interested in following me, check out @swtbbt. I’m in England at the moment so you’ll see a whole lot of family pics and old buildings…
Anyway, this is just a very quick note mostly to say thanks so much for everything since my “coming out”, and to let you know that I’ll be posting here every week.
The main topics that’ll likely pop up are; my transition (the story up to now, feelings, fears, questions, resources), and my music (new project, maybe a sneak peek at a demo, what I’m listening to/drawing inspiration from).
The idea behind the blog is to allow myself an outlet during this time of change and to create a space that is transparent and honest, and to hopefully act as a resource for anyone who needs it. In my mind, the more voices breaking the silence that seems to be all too familiar to people of the LGBTQ+ community, the better.
Thanks for reading.

I’ll be forever grateful to the person who showed me this video:
“Woman” is a word I’ve always struggled with in relation to myself, but I was lucky and grew up with parents who didn’t pressure me to conform with the mainstream idea of femininity – for as long as I can remember, I was a tomboy.
Except for the year I was a boy – Matthew, age five.

For the past ten months I have been thinking pretty solidly about my gender.
For the past six months I have been leading what feels like a double life.
In my personal life, the majority of my friends have switched to calling me “T” and using gender neutral (they/them/theirs) pronouns. I have a LGBTQ2S (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, queer/questioning, two-spirit) friendly day-job where this is respected, allowing me to feel comfortable and happy in my skin.
Online and in my music life, however, it has been a different story.
I didn’t know how to tell everyone who has supported Molly Thomason and enjoyed her music for the past 6 years that she wouldn’t be around any more. Trust me, I played with all kinds of ideas; faking my own death, moving across the world, etc. Only the most dramatic options of course (sue me, it runs in the family)
In the end, with the support of my family, my amazing manager, Sheri Jones, and Sheri’s team, I’ve decided that the best thing is to bring everyone and anyone who wants to come on this adventure along for the ride.
For my own sake – I need to live honestly.
For anyone reading this – you have most likely come to a show, bought a CD, told a friend about my music. I am forever grateful and you deserve to be met with honesty.

I am a non-binary trans-masculine person and proud of it.

“What does that even mean??” You ask. Well, I’m looking forward to posting more as things unfold and keeping anyone who is interested, in the loop.
Check back here for new blog updates in the next few days. We will be switching over the Molly Thomason Facebook page and Twitter account to reflect this change.
Love and thanks,